Using Cage Traps against Rodent Infestation

Millions of homeowners must deal with rodent infestation yearly. They will need to address the thousands of dollars in terms of damages. To stop the problems associated with the presence of the rodents, some people will use the trapping method. There are different types of traps that are available in the market. One of the more popular choice would be the cage trap. It allows you to capture the animals and release them.

Why Cage Traps May Not Be the Best Solution for Michigan Rodent Infestation
There are times that the cage traps would not be the best solution for your woes. Cage traps are intended to capture and release the creature and if your have a rodent infestation, releasing them may not be the best option.

You may need to set-up the traps in a levelled landscape to improve the center of gravity. If you don’t place the cage trap in a flat surface, the trap can accidentally trip. If there is a rodent inside the cage trap, the trap may not become stable. This can increase the probability that the creature will escape from the trap. Capturing a Grand Rapids rodent that has escaped from the trap will be difficult.

Releasing Them May Not be the Right Option
As we mentioned above, cage traps are meant to capture and release the creature. However, there are instances when you will not be able to do this. For instance, in some municipalities the rerelease of the animal is not allowed. You will only be permitted to release them within their territory. This may be counterproductive. Relocating the animal can also affect the survival rate of the animal.

Releasing the animal in an unfamiliar territory can expose them to different dangers. For instance, there can be an increased presence of predators in the area.

There should not be enough structure where they can conceal their presence. Rodents are small creatures and they prefer to move in the area that provides them enough covering.

There may not be enough food and water source. There is also a probability that the food source has been dominated by another creature.

Better Option
A better solution for your predicament would be the use of exclusion device. This device will allow the Grand Rapids rodents to leave your property but will prevent them from returning. You will need to inspect all the possible entry points first and install the exclusion device on the main access point. You should not immediately remove the exclusion device. Watch out for any sign of an active infestation before you finally remove it.

Cage traps are simply meant to capture and release the creature which may not be the best option for a rodent infestation. There are also ways to euthanize the rodent such as shooting them at the back of their head. However, you need to be aware on the local legislation related with the use of firearm. Avoid using poison and drowning them since these methods are considered inhumane.

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