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We are Grand Rapids Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Grand Rapids, MI. Our wildlife removal company always aims to do what is best for both humans and the animals. In situations when you might be able to resolve the wildlife issues yourself, this means providing you with free wildlife removal advice over the phone, without any obligations on your end. Most of our phone calls are a result of people hearing the sounds of critters scurrying. These sounds typically come from the walls or attic and are more common at night. Most homeowners do not spot the damage caused by the wildlife until they take a closer look or we point it out; damage inside, particularly in the attic, tends to be hidden. We will assist you with nearly any type of animal and pride ourselves on offering the city’s most effective rodent control. In addition to removing the rodents that are present, we discover how they got inside so we can seal that entry point shut and stop future problems before they start. We do not only find the entry points for rodents; every one of our services begins with a thorough 32-point inspection process upon our arrival. This inspection lets us identify where animals may get into your home so we can take the appropriate actions. Call us now at 616-548-5545 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Our Service Range

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Grand Rapids Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: The Dangers of Fox to Our Pets

Fox is considered as the smallest member of the canine family. They have short legs and triangular-shaped ears that are usually erect. They are nocturnal wildlife creatures that will hunt at night. They will usually be harmless, but they will be very aggressive during the breeding season. They can inflict their dangerous and painful bite once they are cornered. They can also carry health issues that will threaten our pets.

List of Possible Dangers to Our Pets
Most people will be intimidated when they encountered a fox. It may be true that encountering them on a residential community is uncommon but due to the urbanization, they have been driven out of their home. They can also invade our neighborhood to hunt for food. Once they made it here, they will pose different threats not only to us but also to our pets.

Health Issues Related with the Grand Rapids Fox
One of the major concerns when encountering the fox would be the zoonotic diseases associated with them. Their bite will not only cause infection, but your pets can also acquire rabies from the bite of an infected fox. Some of the bacteria and fungal spores will live in the intestines of the fox. Once they defecate the spores will be contained in their droppings. This may contaminate the land and the nearby food source. Once dried up, the fungal spores will be released in the air when disturbed. There are illnesses that will not affect humans but can be transmitted to our pets. For instance, our pets are highly susceptible to mange. This may be treated, and the worst possible outcome would be hair loss.

Dangers of Michigan Fox to Small Animals
It is not that uncommon that the Grand Rapids fox will attack the smaller animals such as our chihuahua. There are situations when the fox will be territorial especially during the mating season. There are also times that it is a response from the threat. Fox are always curious, and it will not be surprising if they end up within our premises. When our pets go into conflict with them, they can suffer from injury and wounds.

Keeping Your Pets Away
As a pet owner, you will be responsible in keeping the nuisance creature away from them. While they do not pose an immediate threat to us and our pets, you should still have preventative measures to avoid an unwanted visit from the fox. Using repellents and machine deterrent may work but only for a short time. You may need to construct a barrier to keep them at bay. Fox are known to be scavengers who will take advantage of the easy meals found in your garbage can. When dealing with them, you need to take the proper precautionary measures. Usually, it will be better to call the help of the wildlife control.

To prevent the conflict between the fox and your pets, avoid feeding them outside. You should also clear the elements in your house that are attracting the attention of the fox.